Icon Mosaics is the creation of two internationally known mosaic artists Allan Butt and Rita Gav both based in the Northern town Batley.

They specialise in creating ceramic mosaic portraits of iconic figures from the music, film and sport industries each in their own distinctive styles.  Each mosaic is created using thousands of hand cut pieces of ceramic tile, this is a very time consuming process but produces exceptional fine detail and stunning results.  The artists have taken the ancient form of mosaic art and brought in into the 21st century adding vivid colours and a contemporary edge.  Allan and Rita are both huge fans of the Catalan Architect Antoni Gaudi and have taken inspiration from his stunning architecture and mosaic works in Barcelona.

Both artists are available for private mosaic commissions upon request, please email us on icon-mosaics4471@outlook.com with enquiries regarding private commissions.Allan and Rita have worked on various private commissions for prestigious clients.  Their most recent private commission was for the first public artwork of Alan Turing depicting him as a gay man,  the Turing Mosaic was a huge success generating much press interest (click on videos tab to view the timelapse film of the creation of the Turing Mosaic and also a film of the presentation of the Turing mosaic at Pink Punters, Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes.


Mosaic artists Allan Butt and Rita Gav with portraits of Paul McCartney and Johnny Depp

Read more: http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/main-topics/general-news/video-making-a-splash-with-bathroom-tile-art-1-6081228#ixzz3qGAMSiuJ.

The Artists

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    Allan Butt

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    Rita Gav

Rita Gav and Allan Butt are two internationally renowned artists based in the northern town of Batley.  Their present format is mosaic art.  Their last commission was  “The Turing mosaic” a stunning mosaic made out of thousands of pieces of porcelain tiles.  This is the first public artwork depicting Alan Turing as a gay man, this is displayed at Pink Punters nightclub in Milton Keynes (see videos page for details).

After working throughout Europe on a multiple of mosaic projects Allan Butt teamed up with Rita Gav 5 years ago to set up the company Icon Mosaics Ltd, although he still works on commissions.  Allan and Rita decided to produce a collection of stunning mosaic portraits of their favourite icons from the sports, film and music industries.  In October 2013 the pair staged their  debut exhibition “Icons of the Stage, Screen and Stadium” at View 2 Gallery, Mathew Street, Liverpool.  Their unique artwork created a lot of press interest and sold well with some pieces selling to a buyer from the middle east.

Ken Dodd came into the gallery to meet the artists and view the full collection after seeing his mosaic portrait in the Liverpool Echo.  He was so impressed with the portrait which was beautifully crafted by Rita Gav he purchased the mosaic himself.

Rita and Allan have worked constantly for the last 5 years and now all their hard work seems to be paying off.  They both believe that mosaic art is a niche market which is becoming very popular, they are bringing an ancient art form into the 21st century adding a contemporary edge.

The pair are working on some very interesting commissions for private clients at the moment.

For enquiries regarding private commissions please contact Allan Butt on 07778 422368.

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